Monday, December 31, 2012

Alyce JDL 29592, 29584 and 29586

If you are a future mother of a bride or groom, you should know about the four-month rule. This is the time you need to special order your dream dress. Of course, Jan's Boutique has plenty of dresses and gowns that are already in stock if you don't have the four month lead time. Since your son or daughter’s wedding is such a special affair, it is best to start shopping early. May and June are popular wedding months so if you have a spring wedding, it is time to start looking for your fabulous dress if you haven't started already.  Jan’s Boutique has over 5,000 dresses and gowns with superb customer service. Today we want to show you some elegant gowns by Alyce JDL. Aren't they gorgeous? To view more online, go to

Alyce JDL 29592

Alyce JDL 29584

Alyce JDL 29586

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Faviana 7132, 7126 and 7142

Prom time is the most exciting time of year for many teen girls. The good news is that it is right around the corner. Jan’s Boutique is busy getting ready and stocking our store with thousands of dresses and gowns. Take a look at some of our favorites by Faviana, then view more online at

Faviana 7132

Faviana 7126 

Faviana 7142

Friday, December 28, 2012

Rina di Montella 1620, 1625 and 1633

Mothers of the bride or groom love the Rina di Montella dresses and gowns we have in our store. At Jan’s Boutique, we have thousands of dresses for mothers of the bride and groom but our Rina di Montella gowns always seems to be favorites. These elegant dresses are made by a designer that believes women should be the center of attention. Take a look at some of the most gorgeous gowns we have available.

Rina di Montella 1620

Rina di Montella 1625

Rina di Montella 1633

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Quinceanera 26728, 26626 and 26731

Jan's Boutique has over 5,000 dresses and gowns for every girl and woman. We have a large selection of gorgeous ball gowns. These gowns are perfect for Quinceanera or the Bat Mitzvah girl. When a girl wants to look like a princess, she comes to our store. Dresses can be purchased at our 6,000 square foot store or online at Take a look at three of our favorites by the Quinceanera Collection!

Quinceanera 26728

Quinceanera 26626

Quinceanera 26731

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Hot Dresses By Tony Bowls

Tony Bowls makes beautiful short dresses. These are for the girl or woman that doesn’t want a long formal gown. If you want a dress that’s stylish but fun, take a look at our selection by Tony Bowls Shorts. Fun, fun, fun!

Tony Bowls TS11373

Tony Bowls TS11374

Tony Bowls TS11375

Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy holidays!

We wish you and yours a happy holiday season! We will be closing early on Christmas eve and we are closed on Christmas day. We hope all our customers and friends experience the joy of the season!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Dress of the Day : Jovani 2928

Jovani, style 2928 is our dress of the day! This gorgeous couture gown is available in black or cafe. It is a head turner!

Friday, December 21, 2012

New Sassy Styles By Hannah S

New styles by  Hannah S are arriving at our store. These dresses are perfect for Bar/ Bat Mitzvah parties, sweet sixteen parties, freshmen and sophomore dances and for girls that want a short prom dress.  Let’s take a look at five of these sassy dresses.  To see more online, go to

Hannah S 27771

Hannah S 27769

Hannah S 27768

Hannah S 27766

Hannah S 27765

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Beautiful Terani Prom Gowns!

Terani is a top designer of elegant and luxurious evening wear. They have built a reputation of originality and creativity that is recognized in the industry as second to none. They use the finest fabrics and the dresses have a perfect fit.  Take a look at these gowns for Prom 2013 and you’ll see why  Terani is the perfect choice for many girls at Jan’s Boutique!

Terani P1515

Terani P1557

Terani P1517

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sales Dress of The Day: Hannah S 27681

Check out this lovely dress that is on sale for 20% off it's original price! Hannah S, style 27681 is a sparkly shore dress perfect for a freshmen or sophomore dance, Bar/ Bat Mitzvah party or sweet sixteen party. Hurry in our store as we only have two dresses left! It can also be purchased online at

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Rina di Montella 1629, 1637 and 1644

Rina di Montella is a designer of couture dresses and gowns which are perfect for a mother of the bride or groom! Jan’s Boutique carries the largest selection of her dresses in the tri-state area. Don’t be surprised to see cars from Tysons Corner, Virginia, Silver Springs, Maryland, Monroe, Connecticut, Merrick, New York or Newark, Delaware in our parking lot.   Women will drive over six hours to see our selection of thousands of dresses. Come on in and get spoiled in one of our 20 luxurious dressing rooms. Here are some new Rina di Montella dresses to preview!

Rina di Montella 1629

Rina di Montella 1637

Rina di Montella 1644

Monday, December 17, 2012

New Gowns By The Quinceanera Collection

At Jan’s Boutique, we know that a girls fifteenth birthday is a special day in Hispanic culture. We have a large selection of Quinceanera gowns that will make a girl feel like a princess. Not only do we carry small sizes, we also have a large selection of plus size dresses. Many other stores do not stock as many dresses as we do. We realize that not every girl is a size 6 so we  cater to all sizes. Take a look at these beautiful Quinceanera gowns by House of Wu.  They come in sizes 0 to 30.  If you’d like to view more online, go to

Quinceanera Collection 26608

Quinceanera Collection 26725

Quinceanera Collection 26724

Sunday, December 16, 2012

New Gowns by Alyce Designs for Prom 2013!

Good Sunday morning! It's time to do a little internet window shopping. Prom season is right around the corner and Jan's Boutique is getting stocked up with fabulous dresses and gowns. Here's five gowns by Alyce Designs that you will love! They can be purchased in our Cherry Hill, NJ store or online at
Alyce 6083

Alyce 6106

Alyce 6060

Alyce 6047

Alyce 6005

Friday, December 14, 2012

Dress of the Day : Rina di Montella 1662

It's the holiday season and red is a popular color. Today we want to show you one of our fabulous gowns. Rina di Montella, style 1662 is a gorgeous silky chiffon that comes with a shawl. It is also available in 17 colors! Just beautiful!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tony Bowls TS11376, TS11377 and TS11378

Tony Bowls is a designer that makes women swoon! His dresses are stunning and glamorous. Elaborate beading, colorful jewels, and sequins add sparkly bling to his sexy styles. These are the type of dresses that make heads turn! Here are three new sparkly dresses available in our store. Aren’t they gorgeous? You can view more online at

Tony Bowls TS11376

Tony Bowls TS11377

Tony Bowls TS11378

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

New Prom Dresses By Faviana!

When you think of Faviana, you think of red carpet gowns with plenty of glitz and glamour. Faviana’s new collection of prom dresses is all that and more. Our store has the best selection of prom gowns and dresses. We are busy ordering thousands of dresses for the upcoming prom season. You can purchase them in our boutique or online at Now let's take a look at 10 hot dresses for 2013.

Faviana 7194

Faviana 7105

Faviana 7138

Faviana 7144

Faviana 7140

Faviana 6925

Faviana 7122

Faviana 7129

Faviana 7119

Faviana 7112