Thursday, December 10, 2009

Jovani 158601 and Jovani 155288

Did anyone see the The Carrie Underwood and Friends Holiday special the other night? We hope you got a glimpse of the red dress she was wearing. It is a real special dress and perfect for the holidays. Not only was she wearing a Jovani but her mother was also. How about that? Beautiful daughter, beautiful mother. Take a look at both dresses! Jan's Boutique has the largest selection of Jovani dresses in the Delaware Valley. Come on in and try one on!

Jovani 158601 : This glamorous short dress is an eye catcher! We love it as much as Carrie Underwood does!

Jovani 155288 : This gorgeous evening gown would be a perfect mother of the bride or groom dress. It was special enough for Carrie Underwood's mother to wear!

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