Friday, May 24, 2013

Daymor Couture for Mother of the Bride or Groom

Who knows about the four month rule? If you are a future mother of a bride or groom, you should know about the time you need to special order your dream dress. Of course, Jan’s Boutique has plenty of dresses and gowns that are already in stock if you don’t have the four month lead time. Since your son or daughter’s wedding is such a special affair, it is best to start shopping early. The fall months are popular wedding months so if you have a wedding coming up, it is time to start looking for your fabulous dress if you haven’t started already.  Jan’s Boutique has over 5,000 dresses and gowns with superb customer service. Today we want to show you some elegant gowns by Daymor. Aren’t they gorgeous? These gowns are classic and timeless. That is why women love them so much.

Daymor Couture 606

Daymor Couture 613

Daymor 615

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