Saturday, September 13, 2014

Beautiful Dresses For The Big Homecoming Dance!

The big dance is right around the corner and here, at Jan’s Boutique we would love to offer you some tips on buying the perfect homecoming dress.

1. Find out how dressy the dance at your school is. Are girls getting very dressed up? Is it formal enough for a long gown or are short dresses in? Take suggestions from others but also be your own person and let your personality shine.
2.Before you go shopping, check out some online styles. Jan’s Boutique online is the perfect place to start.
3. Shopping is the perfect time to bond so bring along your mom, sister or a friend.
4. Don’t limit yourself to one style. Be open and try on something you haven’t tried before.
5.Don’t forget about accessories including shoes, jewelry and  a shawl. It can be chilly in the fall and you don’t want to be uncomfortable.
6. Have fun shopping! This is a big memorable event in your life!

Our boutique carries great short and long dresses which are perfect for the big homecoming dance. Here are two of our newest short styles that will make you want to dance the night away!

Primavera 9901

Blush C153

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